Rocky’s Riches: Casino-Style Video Slot Game Design

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Rocky's Riches Logo Design


Rocket Games in Abilene, TX

My Project Roles

Naming, Game Design, Graphic & UI Design, Creative Direction, Illustration, Animation, Sound Design


Rocky’s Riches was an original casino-style slot game developed for sweepstakes installations. After the sweepstakes version was developed, we created a video pull tabs version, as well.

Rocky's Riches Basegame
Rocky’s Riches basegame and symbol designs
Rocky's Riches bonus trigger design
Rocky’s Riches bonus game trigger screen
Rocky's Riches Bonus game screen
Rocky’s Riches Bonus game screen
Rocky's Riches 5-Of-A-Kind
Rocky’s Riches 5-Of-A-Kind
Rocky's Riches Free Games bonus trigger screen
Rocky’s Riches Free Games bonus trigger screen
Rocky's Riches Help screen paytable
Rocky’s Riches Help screen paytable
Casino game design | Rocky's Riches pulltabs
Rocky’s Riches pull tabs version


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May 19, 2014