Owl Character Vector Illustration

Cartoon owl illustration vector art

30-Day Illustration Challenge

Day 19: Daytime Owl.

This is my first vector drawing that started on a digital drawing tablet in Photoshop.

I sketched the owl on the Wacom One and brought it into Illustrator. I’m not used to the pen tool workflow with a stylus, so I ended up finishing the vector art with my mouse.

The Illustrator artwork looked a little flat, so I brought it back into Photoshop. From there, I experimented with the tablet display and did some highlights and shadows. I’m really happy with the result and might use this workflow more in the future.

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Original owl sketch using the Wacom One tablet display
Final vector illustration with Photoshop coloring on the Wacom tablet
(click for hi-rez version and feel free to share/pin)

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May 5, 2020