Kissing Fish: Illustrator Vector Art

Cartoon kissing fish illustration vector art

30-Day Illustration Challenge

Day 20: Kissing Fish.

This piece focuses on volume and lighting.

I wanted the simple 2D fish illustrations to look like they have some depth. The light rays and transparencies are all vector art in Illustrator.

If I were to create this illustration again, I would build it slightly differently. There are five distinct bubbles distributed along the path of the heart. In hindsight, I think it would have looked better to make scatter brushes. With scatter brushes, the bubble sizes could be randomized for a more natural effect.

Also, I would have taken more care of the seaweed. I used the pen tool with a mouse to quickly draw the leafy edges. I think the brush tool with my Wacom pen would look more organic. They look wavy but they might be too angular.

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Original fish pencil drawing sketches
Final vector illustration – 100% Adobe Illustrator
(click image for hi-rez version and feel free to share/pin)

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May 5, 2020