Brand Identity and Marketing Design for Printing Company

Logo design for online printing company

Logo design and branding

PrintWolf logo design and branding

Business card design

Business card design for online printing company

Design Notes

This card is another successful brand identity piece. It’s an eye-catching visual that’s printed on heavy paper stock with rounded edges. It looks like what you’d expect from a printing specialist.

Although there isn’t a lot of explicit messaging, this card tells the story visually. Hold it in your hand and you’ll understand the quality that PrintWolf offers its customers.

Direct response marketing design

Direct mail for online printer
Direct mail piece for online printer promotion

Project summary

This project highlights quite a bit of our branding work with PrintWolf. It’s basically a Web forward, meaning that the purpose of the piece is to direct people to the website.

We designed the logo and website as well as the direct mail piece. The imagery works really well with the brand colors and wolf icon illustration. We had some success with the process and eventually did a similar piece that drove even more business through their website.

Targeted marketing design


Project summary

This is one of our favorites (maybe because we like a glass of red wine every now and then).

This piece is a brand awareness and alignment piece. It’s very targeted at a specific niche and that’s why it works. It’s only mailed to wineries, so the messaging and imagery are very powerful. It works to establish a quick connection with potential new customers.

Email marketing design

PrintWolf email marketing design