Redesign Marketing Campaign

Website Redesign banner

Design rationale for native advertising

Brand Messaging

  • Core: website redesign
  • Concern: too expensive
  • Solution: costs less than development and marketing
  • Desire: competitive advantage
  • Want: attractive new website, web designer
  • Twist: redesign, not Web design
  • Hype: #MoreUpside, elevation through optimization

Redesign. Not Web Design.

An attractive website is your competitive edge. Need more upside? Redesign costs less than marketing a new site. Skip the costs of development and marketing.

Invest in redesign today.

Visual Gestalt

  • Context: tablet, mobile device implies technology and mobile-friendly, responsive design
  • Attention: focal point image is diagonal and more vibrant than the background, juxtapose natural setting with technology
  • Trust: blue color scheme, professional photography, understated CTA, polished aesthetics
  • Symbolism: competitive edge + upside = mountain top, no person because the leader doesn’t see anyone when arriving first

Revitalized: Positive transformation, butterfly variation

Website Redesign Billboard


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February 20, 2014