Engagement Marketing Campaign

Engaging Design banner

Design rationale for native advertising

Brand Messaging

  • Core: creative design, emerge implies coming into form (creation, creativity)
  • Concern: trust, used a synonym: confident
  • Solution: optimize, analysis indirectly implies optimization, engaging alludes to user engagement which is an optimization metric and user experience goal, level implies a measured scale
  • Desire: competitive advantage, best-in-class, get ahead
  • Want: growth, get ahead of the curve (growth curve)
  • Twist: Not Web design
  • Hype: exclusivity, college application motif, graded on a curve, class, test, apply

Get ahead of the curve

Best-in-class, engaging websites emerge from confident design. Not Web design. Request a redesign analysis and test your website’s level of user engagement. Apply at IronPostMedia.com

Visual Gestalt

  • Motif: #TurnRight (confidence because it’s right)
  • Context: implies a confident designer because it’s unconventional, right turns change the message (nuanced, complex)
  • Attention: challenging visuals, unusual orientation, interesting background motion, extreme scale and offset logo, eureka moment after you turn your head (blurry headlights become recognizable), a lot of logo abuse
  • Trust: intelligence, layout sophistication, because-I-said-so design style (must be good because it took me a minute to “get it”)
  • Symbolism: right turn (correct turn; positive change of perspective), multi-dimensional, “engaging is the key” to unlock the message

Billboard of Right Turn Ad Campaign


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April 9, 2014